How about those giants…no, not the New York Giants

Halloween is coming up...perfect time to talk about scary stuff like giants. Seemingly out of nowhere, the expression “giants on the earth” crops up in Genesis 6:4. Who were these giants? Where did they come from? Interpreters have debated their identity for nearly two thousand years. For more, read this from Answers in Genesis.

A pastor’s call and Ezekiel’s warning

As many readers might know, I've been studying to become a pastor for the past year and a half. The idea of becoming a pastor is a big responsibility, one in which, to borrow a phrase from Paul the Apostle (used in a different context), I do with great fear and trembling. The responsibility placed …

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Remnants of Genesis: Day 6

Here is the final piece of our walk through the days of creation.   Day 6:  The day in which God creates man and animals. Here is another place where Christians can infer the evolutionary process into the creation account: “And God said, ‘Let the land produce living creatures according to their kinds’” (1:24). But the …

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Remnants of Genesis: Part 6

  Day 5: God decides to begin His population of the earth with fish and birds. Again, this is not very mythic. It would seem likely, if written by man, that God would begin with the creation of man first, then the animals. Here, evolutionary Christians would note the implication of Genesis 1:20-21, which reads …

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Remnants of Genesis: Part 5

Day 4:  The sun and moon are created. Before we begin on this, notice that the light from the sun and stars was not necessary for God to create the first three days, for the light of the sun is for his creation. God has His means of being able to see clearly. Here, the …

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Remnants of Genesis: Part 4

We've been taking a closer look at the days of creation these past few weeks. Today, we look at the separation of land and sea, and creating vegetation.   Day 3:  God separates the land from the sea, and creates vegetation on land. Here, He is both creating and preparing the land, in one day, …

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