Women in Ministry: A Hermeneutical and Historical Approach Part 11

Jesus said the harvest is ready, but the workers are few. YWAM founder Loren Cunningham asks, “Why keep it that way?” The Devil knows that his days are few, and he wants to delay the prophetic promise of Jesus’ return by cutting the number of workers to the mission field. There is plenty that a woman can do—there is nothing that God cannot or has not anointed women to do for his purpose.

As women in ministry have grown over the past 50 years, emerging women have a rich legacy of role models whom God has graced with various gifts used in nearly every aspect of Christian ministry:

  • Corrie Ten Boom – Concentration Camp survivor, author of The Hiding Place; speaker.
  • Catherine BoothSalvation Army co-founder.
  • Darlene Cunningham – Co-founder of Youth With A Mission.
  • Ann Graham Lotz – Evangelist and author.
  • Joyce Meyers – Author and speaker.

Not to mention various other Christian women speakers, pastors, missionaries, church and other evangelical administrators, Christian business leaders, teachers, Christian singers, songwriters, authors and even stand-up comedians, just to name a few.

By looking into the Bible with a proper hermeneutical and historical lens, it becomes easy to see that God has anointed countless women throughout the ages—and still today—for various ministries. It is up to Him whom He chooses to anoint. To limit women is to limit God; we mustn’t forget this. It is obvious by the way we look at our current Christian culture, that we see anointed women successfully using their God-given gifts to reach the world around us to evangelize and encourage children and adults, both men and women, in a variety of ways.

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