What makes a ‘blessed church’?

In 2000, Robert Morris started Gateway Church out of a humble home church. Within a dozen years, it has spawned to more than 20,000 people. How did this happen? With God's blessing of course, but not without a wise action plan. In “The Blessed Church,” Morris writes about his action plan to encourage church leaders …

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Relevant Youth Ministry?

I’ll be writing more on the issue of ‘relevancy’ next month. For now, take a look at my good friend’s recent blog post on the same subject.


As I sit and type these words I look back on decades of youth ministry with a heavy but grateful heart.
My heart is heavy as I view the facebook statuses of students I had in youth group that are now tattooed, social hip, yoga taking/leading, young adults with their Buddhist slogans-drinking and partying and the like.
Is there still hope that they are the Christians they professed to be?…yes…Is there time to return and live for Christ? Yep, or couldn’t they even be Christians and live like that….well maybe.

I was there when they prayed around the flagpole, I was there at the conferences, I was there for the trips to camp, and all of those outreaches. I was there when they memorized verses and could name the books of the Bible. So one of my questions is- what went wrong? Are they following Christ? Did the 50-70 hours…

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You Lost Me…and why it’s so important

http://www.heartsandmindsbooks.com/you-lost-me.jpg David Kinnaman goes from the outsider's perspective of Christianity to the insider's view in “You Lost Me,” his follow up to “UnChristian.” Here, he examines why there has been so many drop-out churchgoers from ages 18 to 29. Kinnaman discusses that there are generally three types of drop-outs: Nomads (those who walk away from church …

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