Remnants of Genesis: Part 5

Day 4:  The sun and moon are created. Before we begin on this, notice that the light from the sun and stars was not necessary for God to create the first three days, for the light of the sun is for his creation. God has His means of being able to see clearly. Here, the …

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Remnants of Genesis: Part 4

We've been taking a closer look at the days of creation these past few weeks. Today, we look at the separation of land and sea, and creating vegetation.   Day 3:  God separates the land from the sea, and creates vegetation on land. Here, He is both creating and preparing the land, in one day, …

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Who was Jesus part 2: a look at the Resurrection from “The New Evidence That Demands a Verdict”

Since this is Good Friday, let’s take a closer look at the real meaning of Easter: the Resurrection.

A Closer Look

In continuing last week’s discussion, historians are seeing that there is sufficient evidence that Jesus of Nazareth, under whom the Christian church was organized, did indeed live. The question still remains though, who was he? As discussed last week, according to Biblical texts, Jesus himself claimed to be both Messiah and God (son of God, son of Man). The Christian faith is based on this belief, but is hinged on Jesus’ resurrection (1 Cor.15:17). In his book, “The New Evidence That Demands a Verdict,” Josh McDowell goes into extensive research on this topic, devoting some 80 pages to a chapter on this topic alone.

Here is a very brief look at some of the chapter’s most significant elements. First, Bible passages report that Jesus was laid in a borrowed tomb, in the garden where Jesus was crucified. The tomb belonged to Joseph of Arimathea, a member of…

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Remnants of Genesis: Part 3

We have been spending the past few weeks taking a closer look at the days of creation. Last week was the creation of light. This week: the firmament. Day 2: The firmament. The word, firmament, comes “from a Hebrew word that literally means something firm, a dome that produces an air bubble with water above …

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Remnants of Genesis: Part 2

Today, we start digging into a series that talks about the days of creation. Day 1: God created light. Notice the oddity of the creation of light while the sun and stars are created on a different day. How can this be? In regards to the claim that creation is a myth, this is something …

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Remnants of Genesis: Part 1

One hundred and fifty years ago, Charles Darwin published “The Origin of the Species.” It was this book that introduced to the world the Theory of Evolution, and is now accepted as fact in almost all scientific circles. But in more recent decades, whether evolutionists like to admit it or not, “science has undergone what …

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