The work of the Trinity in the life of Christ Part 1: The Birth

For the believer, the birth of Jesus is one of the most profound events in all of human history. To achieve this, all three persons of The Trinity worked in harmony to carry out this mission. The b… Source: The work of the Trinity in the life of Christ Part 1: The Birth

Layered for Protection

Dr. Nathan D. Sanders

We’re having an arctic invasion in western NY. The wind and snow bite your skin. If you step outside without enough warm clothing, the wind will whip right down your neck and send shivers from head to toe. I used to dread this kind of thing. Part of the reason was that I would try and brave harsh freezes without taking the time to protect myself properly and let hurry and busyness keep me from putting on extra layers of outerwear. Once I got into the habit of protecting myself properly, the elements didn’t seem nearly as harsh, and the feelings of misery went away.

Before stepping out this morning into the season’s first arctic chill, while it was still dark, I put on two heavy coats, puffy snow pants, and my hat & gloves. When I got outside, I felt just fine! I was so protected that I stopped…

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