People are searching for a deeper understanding of Christianity. Is it true? What makes it true? Is the Bible historically reliable? The postmodern generation has many questions. Here, we’ll examine some of those questions and more. We’ll also re-post from other excellent blogs. So come and join us in a quest for a deeper understanding of God’s truth.

7 thoughts on “About

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  2. I am so sorry, you had being posting in my blog and I had no idea it was pending for review. I just so it now. It must have been from years back. I just published it now… So sorry I apologize.


    1. jmdansville

      No problem. I kind of thought, I should be contributing to your blog, but then I would keep forgetting. And you haven’t asked for anything. I didn’t realize that my blog posts automatically went to yours.


  3. jmdansville

    Come to think of it, maybe I did send them to you, since there only seems to be a few. And you said it was probably there for years. Maybe I just forgot what I had sent to you.


  4. Hey, Just wanted to ask you if you would like to be listed as a featured author (or something like that… so people can go directly to the articles that you had written). Also if you need anything else let me know. Are you a pastor?


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