Flashback Friday Album Review: Going Public


Not long ago, we looked at Newsboys’ Not Ashamed, and here, we take a stab at their following album, Going Public, released July 26, 1994–25 years to the day of this post (I didn’t plan that. It just happend. Honest!).

I remember seeing the cassette at the Creation Festival that year, held about one month prior to the album’s official release date. It has a special “Festival Release” banner across the top, though the inside doesn’t have the fold-out insert stuff. But has remained a keepsake to this day, nonetheless.

When I first heard it, I found the electronic percussions and whatnot disappointing because, much like I mentioned in my Not Ashamed post, I had preferred Peter Furler’s live drumming, and the overall energy of their first two albums and live shows. But when a friend of mine had corrected me on how they hadn’t lost their energy, I suppose the album quickly grew on me.

In fact, it became my favorite Newsboys album the more I listened, and of course, it was the first three songs (as was their Not Ashamed) that hooked me. I was finding myself getting into the groove of the album opener, “Real Good Thing,” and becoming a big fan of what would become the band’s signature song, “Shine,” and their the dancy, “Spirit Thing.”

Here, it seemed that producer Steve Taylor and the boys clicked better in their songwriting and recording–adding more wit and humor, and therefore, resulting in a newfound sense of joy that ‘shone’ through on this recording (see what I did there?).

Moving along, the album goes onto the soft, “Let it Rain,” and then onto the album’s title track to close Side 1. For Side 2, the band goes onto another energetic pop tune, “Truth and Consequences,” and then the hard-edged, “Lights Out” followed by the soft, “Be Still” and the honest, “When You Called My Name” which talks about the other side of being in full-time music ministry. The album closes with the haunting, “Ellie G.”

Though this was Newsboys’ fifth release, Going Public is where they really hit their stride and would continue their momentum for….well…the next 25 years (okay, maybe 20).

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