“I Love Jesus but Not the Church” means you don’t love the church, either


“I believe in God, but I don’t like organized religion” is a common argument that I’ve heard among Gen Xers and millenials who believe in God, but no longer go to church. Many of them are unfortunately disillusioned by organized religion and the imperfections thereof (judgmentalism, legalism, traditionalism, etc.). While churches have, in recent decades, been correcting this sort of thing (and some swinging the pendulum way too far the other direction, perhaps to overcompensate, but that’s another issue), is no excuse to not find a church where you belong. The link below is a good (albeit lengthy) argument that church is more than ‘organized religion.’

Perhaps those who no longer attend due to wrongs being made just don’t realize there’s more because they’ve never been exposed to more.

Follow the link below for a good article on the subject.


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