Flashback Friday Album Review: Love Life

Since Valentine’s Day was just yesterday, it might be worth taking a look at another love-themed album: Charlie Peacock’s Love Life. Like Amy’s Heart in Motion that we looked at last week, this was also released in 1991. As we mentioned last week, Charlie had a little songwriting to do on Amy’s album as well, contributing to the hit, “Every Heartbeat.” Here, we get Charlie’s own artistic expression of love songs and more.

The album starts with the catchy and slightly quirky, “After Lovin You,” a top 40 -style love song with an early-90s urban pop sound, and featuring the unmistakable voice of the late Vince Ebo. Song 2, “What’s it Like in Your World?” is one of the album’s musical highlights, this time featuring the voice of the one-and-only master vocalist, Bob Carlisle, who was then still fronting for Allies.

On Side 2, One of Charlie’s love songs gets steamy with the more mature “Kiss Me Like a Woman,” another musical highlight of the album.

But this album isn’t all lovey-dovey. Charlie lets us in on his thoughts and emotions when it comes to spiritual matters as well. In fact, probably his most well-known song starts off Side 2 with the honest and poignant “In the Light,” made famous by DC Talk on their 1995 massively successful Jesus Freak album (to be reviewed here at a later date).

Other spiritual songs include, “Forgiveness,” the radio hit, “Personal Revolution,” “There Was Love,” and the album finisher, “When I Stand With You.” He also shows his musical prowess with the salsa-style, “I Would Go Crazy” and his skillful art at soft jazz piano with, “Another Woman in Tears.”

Charlie is a creative pop-smith/lyric-master/top-notch producer (and author) whose credits as such has earned him plenty of dove awards and accolades from the music industry, as well as a die-hard following (albeit not as large as he deserves). His musical style is somewhat of a blend between Sting and Prince, and is certainly like finding a gold nugget. That goes not for just this album, but any of his, as well as anything this Midas of a songwriter and producer lays his hands on.

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