Flashback Friday Album Review: “20 Years: Live”

Today’s album review is the live concert recording that marked the 20th anniversary of Christian Rock’s first (and dare I say it–best) hard rock/metal group: Resurrection Band (a.k.a. Rez Band, a.k.a. Rez). 

This album was recorded in Chicago in 1992, the place where Rez started and held its ministry outpost, not only as a band but as members of the Jesus People USA community.

To put it simply, Rez plays just as well live as they produce in the studio (I know, I’ve been to a few of their festival shows) and this record shows off their talent for performing live while demonstrating that they have had, over the 20 years of their career up to that point, a slew of really great songs. 

As this double-disc set proves, the band knows how to weave ministry, entertainment and poetry all together. They talk about tough stuff with gut-wrenching passion in songs such as “Where Roses Grow,” “Shadows” or “Afrikaans;” run to the (somewhat) lighter side with catchier tunes such as “Colours” and “Right on Time;” surprise us with the never-before-released “In Your Arms;” nail the covers “Bargain” and “Somebody to Love” perfectly; or drive the energy up a notch with the rollicking “Military Man” and “Love Comes Down.”

But, being a live album, this has more than just an overall great setlist played perfectly. It also has tender moments between songs of real ministry, which is greatly wanting these days.

Their honesty and passion for ministry and music “to raise the dead,” and their talent to perform so well is what makes Rez the best Christian metal/hard rock band of all time; and this, perhaps the best Christian hard rock/metal album of all time. The group only released three more albums after this, including an album of acoustic covers of their previous material to celebrate the band’s 25th anniversary.


6 thoughts on “Flashback Friday Album Review: “20 Years: Live”

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