Flashback Friday Album Review: “Learning to Trust”

It was 1989. The year had seemed to explode with great music, perhaps the decade saved the best in Contemporary Christian Music for last. David Meece’s ninth album, Learning to Trust was no exception.

For Meece, this was his most personal album. He had been going through the recesses of time and dealing with the trauma of an abusive childhood that he had kept quiet in his public life. But through the process of dealing with his pain, he created his best musical and lyrical effort through expressing his hurt, his recovery and as the title of the album suggests, his fragile faith and moving forward with a deeper and more intimate relationship with his redeemer.

The album has its crowd-pleasing moments, such as its rocking opener, ‘When I Was Seventeen,’ the melodic ‘To Know Him’ with its Spanish or classical guitar, and the creative ‘This Time,’ which nicely blends in Chopin’s ‘Etude in C Minor.’ The album also blends in nicely some tender and personal moments such as the album’s title song, ‘Learning to Trust,’ and ‘Man With The Nail Scars,’ to the more joyful songs, ‘To the Glory of God,’ ‘Rest of My Life’ and ‘When All Colors Turn to Love.’ All of these ups and downs combine effortlessly without a single one seeming out of place.

Each and every song is a personal prayer or declaration, yet is not so personal that an average listener who does not know the painful backstory cannot relate. Anyone can relate to these songs. This is a beautiful album in every respect; and masterfully produced, once again, by Brown Bannister.

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