Flashback Friday Album Review: “Freedom”

While this album starts with a bang (and usually the album openers are the best), consider the first two songs, “Bye Bye Babylon” and “Sing Your Freedom,” as opening acts before this incredible album really comes alive.

Perhaps that alone is one of its best attributes. You hear two good songs, but as the album progresses, you discover it gets even better. Track by track, you’re finding yourself unable to just casually listen as you find a carefully-crafted gold nugget in each song–a clever bass line, a vocal harmony that sends chills down your spine, crystal synth sounds, lyrics that touch your soul, or a blend of everything.

1989’s ‘Freedom,’ the sixth studio album from Whiteheart, stands out as among the year’s best due to its production by Brown Bannister, its truly masterful songwriting by the talented ensemble of band members at the time (two of whom went on with Wayne Kirkpatrick to compose Eric Clapton’s #1 hit “Change the World”) and top-notch performances. Each and every moment of every song–whether rock, pop or soft, is crafted with careful precision.

After 30 years, this album still stands out as a masterful piece of craftsmanship. They just don’t make ’em like this anymore.

3 thoughts on “Flashback Friday Album Review: “Freedom”

  1. Lance Marchetti

    I absolutely must agree with you. There was a class and atmosphere to this White Heart album that has never been repeated or replicated. I sit now holding the original CD that I bought in 1990…and it still plays! 😀


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