Flashback Friday Album Review: “Russ Taff”

The year 1987 was perhaps one of the best in the 80s CCM era, and the third solo release from Russ Taff was no exception.

This was a stand out from his previous works, by far, and his follow-ups never held quite the same scale of production and passion as this. His powerful vocal performance which artfully matched his heartfelt lyrics and highly crafted ‘Big 80s’ production sound made this a powerhouse of a recording.

It soared to number 1, as did its singles, and lingered there for quite a while.

But today, unless you were there, this album has been more or less forgotten in the annals of time. Though these songs once dominated the airwaves of CCM playlists, none of its rich, powerful, and sometimes tender songs are played on the radio anymore (as are any from that era), though they easily could be intermingled with today’s radio singles–a testament to how, after 30 years, these songs not only hold up well, but actually surpass today’s rather bland contemporary Christian hits. Today’s audiences would still be able to relate with the timeless truths and heartfelt passion of these songs, as well as the musical and production excellence.

Perhaps, if these songs were once again played on the airwaves, it could not only introduce the current listening audience to the great Christian songs of the past, but maybe inspire a whole new generation of artists to match its excellence.

One thought on “Flashback Friday Album Review: “Russ Taff”

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