Flashback Friday Album Review: “In Another Land”

Today we take a gander at another Larry Norman release. Although the follow up to “Planet” (So Long Ago the Garden) has its moments, the follow up to that one, “In another land” (#3 in the trilogy) feels more so like the “Only Visiting This Planet” sequel, and is a standout as one of Norman’s best.

This doesn’t take on the social commentary that “Planet” does, but that’s fine. Within just a few short years (from 1972-1976), the mood of the country had changed and artists had moved on from protest songs to….well, whatever.

Like “Planet,” this has memorable anthems such as “One Way” and “I am a servant.” And like “Planet’s” “I wish we’d all been ready,” this album includes two almost-equally memorable second-coming tracks: “Six sixty-six” and “UFO.” In addition, there is a memorable 1920s-sounding tune called “The sun began to rain,” which features Dudley Moore on piano.

With this album, Norman once again stands out as not just a decent rocker and the genre’s ‘grandfather,’ but also as one of Christian rock’s few honest, original, poignant-yet tongue-in-cheek lyricists.


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