How to be a Perfect Christian: Review


How can one be a perfect Christian, you may ask? Ah! the answer, my friend, has eluded even the strongest of mind, body, and spirit. Some have told tales of having climbed the highest mountain, singing the deepest Oceans, savoring the strongest foyer coffee and worn their best Sunday best just to get the slightest hint to life’s most evasive answer. Few saints have truly found their way. But alas, among them, are the editors of The Babylon Bee.

Yes, The Babylon Bee has found the true art of being a perfect Christian, and has now shared it with the rest of the world, so that whosoever will can be holier than John the Baptist!

So, as you can see by this review’s intro, The Bee’s “How to be a Perfect Christian” is entirely satire, the editors knowing full well that there is no such thing as a perfect Christian.

The Bee uses plenty of light sarcasm to jab at Christianity’s current subculture—whether it’s churches or radio or movies—not to make fun of it (entirely), but more so to point out its flaws. And perhaps, open the eyes of those trying so hard to get everything just right.

And the best way to do that is through humor.

Sure, we’ve all been there—trying to get it right, or perhaps impress others with our super-spiritual holiness. So it’s easy to relate if you take it in stride. Many of us have also noticed some of the very same flaws The Bee does as we have looked around us, only maybe not with quite the same eloquent humor. Yes, our Christian subculture is pretty good, but not perfect. And neither are any of us. So, the message here is to just relax and not try so hard to be so perfect. We are saved by grace, and we are transformed by His mighty work within us. In the meantime, we are called to love and serve one another and grow closer to Christ.

So yes. This is a good book. Something everyone should read. I think, if you take it in the spirit in which it is intended, you will find this refreshingly humorous and insightful. And maybe, just maybe, you might be convicted of something. Or, perhaps, you might be glad that somebody is finally saying all of this, and is actually saying it out loud.

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