Would you read on?

It’s been quite a while since I shared some fiction on this page. I got out a novel that I had started writing a while back, a sequel to one I had finished. I only have one and a half chapters finished, but am ready to conquer more. Here’s a sample. As you can tell, it’s a letter written by a lord to a king (Hopefully, you can read the font). Based on this sample, does it interest you to read further on?


Your dearest majesty, my Lord and my King,

I, your humble servant, Lord Kristofer Lemulae of the shores of Graelorn, Kingdom of Whiterock, wish to inform you of an incident which happened upon our coast this evening. Four men from a ship called The Morning Star, which launched out of a western kingdom called Malovaeus, were found barely alive beating upon the doors of our beacon in the dead of night during a dreadful storm.

A while later, their captain arrived. They told the keeper of the lighthouse a horrific story about how the storm and two fearsome serrantalius had overtaken their ship. The rest of their crew had either drowned or fell victim to the serrantalius. These brave men traveled four months from their coast in the west to ours in their east.

It seems their kingdom is in grave danger from a fierce foe who is bent on conquering their land. They have not enough armaments and warriors to defend themselves. Their king is readying the troops for battle now. He would like to form an alliance with kingdoms in the east. I wonder, your majesty, if you would be so kind and willing as to allow these men to address you, in an effort to restore peace to their land?

Some are in grave condition and I fear that only half, at best, will make it past the week. I ask, my Lord, that your kindheartedness shall not allow their sacrifice to be in vain.

Your truly devoted servant,

Lord Kristofer Tristan Lemulae IV

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