Help for when we struggle accepting things out of our control, or with being satisfied in our present circumstances, a short post

Dr. Nathan D. Sanders

Have you ever wrestled, for days or even months on end, with accepting an undesirable situation that is out of your control? Have you ever struggled to find a deep and lasting satisfaction in your present circumstances that are less than what you hoped for, or think you should have received? I’ve been there MANY times. If you’re there now, perhaps this short excerpt from a 500+ yr. old book will help you as it has me. The reading is from The Imitation of Christ, by Thomas a’ Kempis (1380-1471). It’s one of the most inspiring and painfully honest books I have ever read. I have returned to his prayer near the end of the section (in bold text below) over and over again when I’ve struggled in these ways. A’ Kempis’ work is a spiritual writing and is best used slowly and prayerfully during a quiet break or moment in your day.

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