Why Do the Gospels Not Mention More About the Childhood of Jesus?

Ever wonder why there’s not anything mentioned about Jesus’ youth? Here’s a look from thinkapologetics.com


Photo: Ask a Muslim evangelists are out and about. And they are coming to college campuses to help Muslim groups be more evangelistic. And remember Jesus was a Muslim because he submitted to God. I have seen many of them in our downtown area.

This past week, I was engaging some Muslims in the downtown area where I live. They were part of a new evangelistic group called Ask a Muslim. During our discussions, we started to discuss the differences between Mohammed and Jesus. One of the Muslims asked me “How do you know what Jesus did in his early years? Perhaps he did sin on several occasions and the Gospel authors left that out?”   

I have often heard the objection that the Gospels should have mentioned more about the childhood of Jesus. In other words, why can’t we know more about the early years of the life of Jesus? Several years ago, I was reading about this issue in Ben Witherington’s work. In relation to the objection, he says the following:

“Finally, in regard to Mark’s somewhat rough Greek or John’s somewhat simplistic style, it must be borne in mind that…

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