On “The Gospel of the Old Testament”

Is it any wonder that the Book of Isaiah is called the Gospel of the Old Testament? Even the name Isaiah means, “YAHWEH is salvation.” The book foretells much of the coming Messiah, the ‘suffering servant’ of God, with at least 22 direct Messianic prophecies, and other indirect prophecies.

While Isaiah is incredible in its scope of accurate detail, its lack of other details (characteristic for the prophetic) had for centuries given Rabbis and even Jesus’ own disciples and followers a misunderstanding of the Messiah and of God’s plan for salvation, until of course, all was revealed through the Holy Spirit after Jesus had ascended.

To put it succinctly, biblestudytools.com writes:

      It is through the suffering of the servant that salvation in its fullest sense is achieved….Christ delivered humankind from the prison of sin (52:13 — 53:12). He became a “light for the Gentiles” (42:6), so that those nations that faced judgment (chs. 13 – 23) could find salvation (55:4-5). These Gentiles also became “servants of the Lord” (see 54:17 and note) (biblestudytools.com).

In addition to the prophecies regarding the Messiah’s first coming, the Book of Isaiah is also filled with references to the Messiah’s second coming. It is not denoted in Isaiah as two differing time periods, and has thus resulted in a contention among the Jewish and Christian beliefs (also Messianic Jews) as to who Jesus is/was.

But it seems, as one reads through Chapters 42-63, that it is unmistakable that Jesus was indeed the Messiah Ben Joseph, or ‘suffering servant.’

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