How to obtain and retain The Anointing: Conclusion

Although today’s church differs culturally than that of the disciples and the first century church, “it does not differ in the core of strength, power, wisdom and motivating force, for which both is the empowerment by the Holy Spirit and our identity in Christ.”[1]

This same anointing is what will give the church the power it needs for this time in history. Many Christian leaders around the world are writing and speaking about the return and restoration of the apostolic church, which is a “bold, aggressive and advancing spiritual force.”[2]

Finney went on to note that although the invitation is open to every believer, not every believer may receive the anointing whenever he or she asks. He goes on to cite more than 25 reasons why this may be, including iniquity in a person’s heart; a worldly ambition opposed to a Godly ambition, and praying for this empowerment without the expectation of actually receiving it.

The anointing, or enduement, “may be enlarged or diminished as the possessor of it uses it more or less faithfully and intensely for the purposes for which it was given.”[3] So there are conditions as to receiving this power, and the strength of the anointing pouring through a person. These conditions are met by the degree of our faithfulness and our passion to Christ and to His purpose. Or, as Fuchsia Pickett more succinctly put it, as we abide in Him.

God prepares our anointing to suite our personality. The timid may have always had a preacher in him or her waiting to break out, but only by the power of God could it break through. The same goes for the wretched sinner, who needed God to break the chains of sin to unleash a powerful minister.

Barbara Yoder, in her book, “The Breaker Anointing,” said, “There is a new generation in the church who feels something radical stirring inside of them. They are sick of a maintenance-oriented, me-centered, watered down, sin-friendly gospel.”[4]

“Many of you are pregnant with destiny,” T.D. Jakes encouraged his readers. “You are carrying within the womb of your spirit a ministry that could change this world.”[5]

May our generation be a generation willing to be worthy of receiving God’s great empowerment and letting it flow through them as God intends. Let the dam break. Let revival come. Let a fresh anointing flow.

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