How to obtain and retain The Anointing: Part 1

The Holy Spirit is God—one of the three persons of the Trinity. The Holy Spirit is that person who, as L. Thomas Holdcroft put it, “that person of the Trinity whose office touches upon the believer.”[1] The Spirit is the Comforter and the Advocate whom Jesus promised would come (John 15:26; 16:7). In addition, His actions also include empowering the believer. What does this empowerment mean for us? It means that if we choose to follow and obey—if we so allow the Holy Spirit to touch us and guide us, we can boldly go forth in His calling by His power, the power He imparts on us—a power greater than what we could ever achieve on our own; a power that gives us a greater boldness and a greater clarity in our thoughts and in our actions, a power which is the Holy Spirit working greatly in us and through us to accomplish His goal for our lives. This power of the Holy Spirit working within us and through us is called ‘The Anointing.’

The word ‘anoint’ comes from a Hebrew word meaning, “to rub with oil…by implication, to consecrate; also to paint; smear.”[2] In other words, to be anointed means to be set apart to, and covered (smeared or painted) with the Holy Spirit.

In today’s celebrity-soaked culture, some may think that the anointing comes, and then God raises that person to celebrity status to reach the world. Certainly if God has called someone to reach millions for Christ and that person has or is doing so successfully, then he or she is very likely empowered by the Holy Spirit to do so. But even in smaller ministerial settings—whether it be a Sunday school class, a home Bible study group, or to volunteer in a soup kitchen—we all have a platform. God can anoint us to do any type of, and any scale of ministry.

[1] L. Thomas Holdcroft, The Holy Spirit: A Pentecostal Interpretation (Abbotsford, Ca.: CeeTec Publishing, 1999), 1.

[2] Barbara Wentrobe, You are Anointed (Venture, Ca: Renew Books, 2004), 9.

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