Winds of Change: Eli and Samuel

The contrast of ministry of Eli and Samuel resulted in a change of blessings that the Lord brought over Israel. Eli, though seemingly faithful to the Lord for 40 years, neglected to rightly discipline his priestly sons for their evil. Although the Bible records Eli speaking to them about their sinful behavior, he let their wickedness go on. God decided He would put a stop to that and train a replacement for not only Eli’s sons, but for Eli himself. This boy was Samuel.

“Samuel juggled many roles to steer his nation through turbulent times. The pattern for his leadership was set early when he responded to God’s call by saying, ‘Your servant is listening’” (Men of Integrity Bible (personality profiles: Samuel), 323).

Because of Samuel’s faithfulness to God, and his leadership that brought the people back to God, blessings came to Israel. I believe this is a lesson for us, today. The blessings of God can be greater for our nation, but only when our nation’s leaders, our spiritual leaders and our nation’s people are Godly.

2 thoughts on “Winds of Change: Eli and Samuel

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