5 Things Christians Fear (but Shouldn’t)

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Halloween is the perfect day to talk about fear.


Jayson D. Bradley

AfraidFear and uncertainty are completely normal. Universally speaking, success comes when you push pass your reservations, take a risk, and run headlong into the unknown.

Here are five things Christians fear which might be prohibiting their freedom and effectiveness:


There have been times when shame has been valuable in my life. Believe it or not, I’m not proud of everything I do (nor should I be). Shame’s humiliation has, at times, been a great benefit to me. Most of the time, though, it hasn’t been a blessing.

Shame can be a tool used by others to keep us in line. And because we fear the alienation that comes with being shamed, we don’t always act when we should. We’re often afraid to speak out, disagree, and not tow the party line because we fear the disapproval and alienation of our tribe.

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