Worship Etiquette by D Wadsworth

A good thought on where our minds and hearts should be on Sunday morning.


So this morning was a challenge…Rough start due to major back pain and gathering up the kiddos. We prayed in the van to be free from distraction and worship the Lord in Spirit and in Truth…

Music was strong…drawing us closer to His throne room. We as a church have been progressing through a certain area of scripture and it has been a great time of correction. comfort, and conviction.

The only problem is I have a hard time with the people around me. I know I am selfish. Self centered and not very GRACE giving. Young man behind me blowing bubbles and popping his gum, people sleeping and talking and today was a new one…..a girl braided her hair and checked her look in her I-pad….What is wrong with me.. Why can’t I just worship and give GRACE? We are all at a different part of our journey with…

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