Thy Kingdom Come! -D Wadsworth

Great words from my friend Derek Wadsworth.


On Wednesday evenings we have been having a truly blessed time studying scripture together. Last night didn’t disappoint. We spent some time digging into the Lord’s Prayer and the petition “Thy Kingdom Come”.

What is it that you are saying? How does it apply to the context of the prayer? What is your motivation when you declare it?

When you come to Christ and you’re sick of yourself and sick of your sin and your selfish ways and you bow the knee to the lordship of Jesus Christ and receive from Him eternal salvation, from then on the objective is expressed in this praise and prayer, “Thy Kingdom come.” Confessing Jesus as Lord and King is to say, “Take over my life, fit me into Your purpose, put me somewhere in Your objectives and agenda and program.” When I say, “Thy Kingdom come,” I am affirming that I have relinquished…

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2 thoughts on “Thy Kingdom Come! -D Wadsworth

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