The Holy Spirit as a person

            At times, we often mistake The Holy Spirit as Jesus. This is often due to us calling on ‘the presence of Jesus’ or speaking about inviting Jesus into our hearts and so on. Perhaps it is easier to think of Jesus because with Him we have a name and image of a person through His earthly life as recorded in the Bible. With The Holy Spirit, we do not have as clear of a picture.

But with The Holy Spirit, we have whom Jesus promised as his Earthly replacement (John 14:16,26). We have ‘the comforter’ and ‘the advocate’ to whom we can pray, communicate and call. It is The Holy Spirit that communicates to us, and fills us. This influences our day-to-day relationship because as with Jesus, The Spirit has qualities of a person—He is not just ‘the dove’ as seen in The Baptism or in classical paintings. The Spirit can listen the way a person listens, speaks (though usually not audibly) to us and acts in a loving manner in which a person acts (usually, this is felt in our hearts). We can know that when we pray to the Spirit, and trust in the Spirit to guide us, it will be a person doing so.

9 thoughts on “The Holy Spirit as a person

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