The Holy Spirit as Paraclete

Holy Spirit Stained Glass
Holy Spirit Stained Glass (Photo credit: hickory hardscrabble)

The term Paraclete was used by Jesus as the One who will come after His ascension. The word is used to signify a ‘replacement’ for Jesus on Earth (John 14:16). In that sense, we can be sure that as Jesus lived on Earth for a short time, The Holy Spirit is with us for all Christian generations to be the Earthly manifestation of God in place of Jesus.

The term, according to, is more closely associated as being an advocate like a defense attorney. We see this term also used in reference to Jesus, who is our ‘defense attorney’ before the Throne of God against Satan, our accuser (1 John 2:1, Rev. 12:10). But for The Holy Spirit, it seems He is an advocate who works within us—to hear, to speak, to teach, to heal, to comfort, to convict us of sin and to bring us to live in righteousness. We should rejoice and be at peace that we have The Holy Spirit at work in so many ways within in us. The Holy Spirit in our lives is a great apologetic.

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