Except for the sulking steps crossing the marble floor, the library chamber room was dead silent. Stopping just short of walking onto the balcony, Michael leaned with his forearm against frame. He gazed at the horizon. The skies seemed unusual; foreboding. The archangel thought it seemed to fit the mood.

“I feared it would come to this,” Michael said. “But…I just wasn’t ready to accept…”

“I know,” another sullen archangel said from behind. “Me too.”

Xavier slowly stood from the end of a long meeting table, his chair hauntingly creaking across the floor as he did, and almost silently walked toward Michael. The two were the only left in the room. Xavier had flowing blonde hair that shone like gold; blue eyes like lightning and a skin tone that resembled bronze. He wore a shimmering white robe.

Michael, other than the jet black hair that reflected like the blue tones of a night sky, and more stormy blue eyes, looked very much the same: strong and bronze, draped with a shimmering white robe.

“Who else knows?” Michael asked, still staring out the balcony.

“It seems just the two of us and the spies,” Xavier said. “And Our Lord, of course.”

Michael turned to face Xavier. “How does He feel?”

“It was His most beloved cherub; I can hardly express what I saw in our Lord’s eyes. Sheer—I don’t know—grief, anger, love, hatred…peace…a knowing…I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

Xavier walked past Michael and out onto the balcony. He carried with him a red leather-bound book. Michael followed.

“How do you feel?” Xavier asked.

“I now know what anger and betrayal feel like. I’ve never really felt these feelings before. How about you?”

“The same.”

Xavier opened the book and thumbed through. Inside were pages of writings in a beautifully handwritten script.

“How many times have you looked through that?” Michael asked.

“I don’t know. I can’t help it. I…just can’t believe it. I didn’t quite think it would have come to all this.”

“How many more will follow?”

“How many does he have now?” Xavier asked. “We still aren’t absolutely sure…the way he’s run his network, it could be in the millions. It could be more.”

“Do you think this will lead to war?” Michael asked.

“This is a manifesto; a declaration of independence. It’s a call to arms,” Xavier said, still looking downward at the book. “If he has the followers the spies say he does then, I…I don’t see how it can’t.”

“We have to arrest him quick, before something happens. What were those chapters again?”

Xavier leafed to the front. “Yahweh and His Lust for Power; The Son and Spirit: One With Yahweh or Eager Minions? Angels as slaves…

…shall I go on?”

Michael turned and walked back inside. “No, I’m sick.”

Michael stopped in his tracks. Another strong, bronze angel with long black hair and a long, chisled face stood in the room. His arms folded tightly, his stormy blue eyes raged like a tempest. How long had he been listening? Lucifer unraveled a wry, sinister smile.

“You!” Michael yelled. “You may have felt let down, mistreated, but you’ve got it all wrong! It’s certainly no reason to incite a rebellion and foster such lies about us and our Father!”

“Lies?” Lucifer

English: Lucifer Liège (Belgium) Français : St...
English: Lucifer Liège (Belgium) Français : Statue en marbre de Lucifer (par Guillaume Geefs) à la cathédrale Saint-Paul de Liège (Belgique) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

said, coolly. “I only tell it like it is. You know as well as I do that I can make things better for us. Don’t you want a better life than be second to those people he’s planning to create? To play subordinate to that dictator we must call father?”

“I have a feeling we’d just be a subordinate to you!” Xavier answered.

“You’d have freedom—anything you want! All the splendor of Heaven would belong to you. Those people would serve us!”

“I have all the freedom and riches I want,” Xavier said.

“And I call it a pleasure to serve our loving Father,” Michael said. “I’m looking forward to God creating those humans and sharing eternity with them!”

Lucifer furrowed his brow and bore his teeth like a mad dog. He unsheathed his sword.

“I had a feeling you two might not see it my way!” Lucifer barked. “But you’d be surprised how many others do. If you two want to arrest me, come get me!”

Michael lunged at Lucifer. The two clashed swords. A small blue light popped each time the blades met. Michael had the strength and fury to force Lucifer back, but The Morning Star knew all too well Michael’s technique, and quickly caught pace with him.

Xavier stood behind for a moment, watching. Then, dove in.

“ARGH!” Lucifer yelled as he tried to ward off two archangels at once. Then, a large  bright light snapped as quick as lightning in the midst of the battle. Lucifer was gone.

Michael screamed. “I knew he was going to do that! We weren’t fast enough!”

“Now what?” Xavier said as his shoulders slumped and a rueful expression crossed his face.

Michael took a moment to seize his anger. “We consult our Lord. We need to make a plan. I think this rebellion has formally begun.”


Floating up above the newly-formed earth, Lucifer looked down over the new world as it spun below. His eyes gazed at the land enveloped by ocean. He floated down to take a closer look. He took in the green, pristine grass and decorative trees; the mountains of all shapes and sizes; animal beings going about their business with delight; and the beautiful clouds that rode the winds.

As he landed onto the ground, Lucifer felt the blades of grass tickle his feet, and the warmth of the sun on his shoulders.

Earth is not quite as majestic as what I deserve, but it will do, Lucifer thought. God plans on giving these humans the same free will as we have. Good. Let them choose, then. I can make these humans my own and set up my kingdom here. With some patience, it will be easy enough. He’ll see how many will turn to me.

Lucifer licked his lips, which broke into a wide smile, then a sinister laugh. He was about to have his very own kingdom.

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