On being a disciple maker

What qualifies as a disciple-maker? A disciple-maker is someone who does what he or she can do within the scope of his or her ability to teach someone, to be an example or to be a mentor to either before or after a person’s salvation. I think it was Tim Morey in his book, “Embodying Our Faith” that brought out the point that Jesus’ own disciples were not overnight converts. It took them time. There was a point during Jesus’ ministry where they were both being made into disciples and into converts at the same time. So this means that we don’t need to go out with our tracts and whatnot and expect to save all of Main Street on a Saturday night, then think that we are lesser Christians if no one is saved on the spot and in our church the next day.

To be a disciple-maker is to teach, preach and exemplify the tenets of Christianity using our specific gifts and talents. Disciple-makers do not necessarily need to be preachers, missionaries or Sunday School teachers. They can be a parent, a neighbor or a friend.

In my own life, I see raising three children as being a disciple-maker. I see leading a home group as being a disciple-maker. I see ways in which I hope to use more writing opportunities as being a disciple-maker, and I am currently attending Elim Bible Institute to learn detailed aspects of the Bible in obedience to God to see what He has me do to be even more of a disciple-maker.

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