Is “Creation Science” really science?

It used to be thought that one could not find God by looking through a telescope.  This is true in the sense that God does not live in the physical realm. But due to scientific discovery over the past half-century, we can, in fact, find God through a telescope—and microscope for that matter.

This is because scientists have discovered that throughout all of creation, everything that exists is tuned to such fine precision, that the slightest alteration would not have produced life.

In “On Guard,” William Lane Craig discusses three possibilities as to why there is such fine precision in the design of the universe (universe meaning everything in the physical realm): the constants and quantities must have the values they do and therefore a life-prohibiting universe is impossible; the constants and quantities have the values they do simply by accident; or the constants and quantities were designed to have the values they do.

What Craig concludes is that a life-prohibiting universe is the most probable; and that a life-permitting universe by chance is absurd. However, when one studies just how precise our entire physical universe is, it soon becomes overwhelmingly promising that this particular life-permitting universe can only exist by intention.

“The examples of fine-tuning are so many and so various that they aren’t likely to disappear with the advance of science. Like it or not, fine-tuning is just a fact of life that is scientifically well-established” (On Guard, 109). It is a pity that the scientific community has calculated physical proof of the existence of God, yet they still deny him.

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