What is the Trinity?-Derek Wadsworth

Related to my post yesterday and future blogs on the work of the Trinity in the life of Christ.


State briefly the biblical basis for and formulated the doctrine of the trinity

God eternally exists in three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

A. Definition of the doctrine of the Trinity

Believing in the unity of God is saying that God is one Being. He does not exist in separate parts, and there is no more than one Divine Being. But I aline myself with trinitarian monotheists, because through revelation we understand that the one God exists in three Persons. And therefore we believe in the tri unity (or trinity) of God—the tri-personal nature of the one God. He has eternally existed and will continue to exist as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This is the doctrine of the Trinity.

The following quotations express belief in the Trinity:

“. . . we worship one God in Trinity and Trinity in Unity, neither confounding the Persons nor dividing the Substance…

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