Step of Faith

“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” Hebrews 11:1

It seems that when God calls us to do things, we are often able to make sense of it, but only to a degree. God calls us to be a pastor, a teacher, or a business person. Whatever He calls us to do, it requires stepping out, and it usually requires stepping out into a great unknown.

Now, let’s first clarify that there’s a difference between stepping up and stepping out. Let’s say you’ve been working at a job for several years. There’s a promotion coming up that would be perfect for you. You’ve gained much experience and are confident you can do it. It might be perfectly in line with God’s will that you take that promotion. That’s stepping up, but not stepping out.

A call requires stepping out—stepping out of your comfort zone. Perhaps that job promotion coming up would be perfect for you, but instead, God calls you to quit your job to pursue something else entirely; something in which you have no training, so that it requires not only stepping out of something in which you are familiar, into a new field, and first going to school to do so.

Faith is an action, and it requires bravery. It requires confidence. Not in yourself, but in God. He, through His word and The Holy Spirit, helps us find that faith. He helps put us at peace, and gives us the confidence and assurance about what we do not see—the future, and sometimes, even the present. He helps us in battle against the enemy, who is ever constantly trying to detract us from that call, from being effective—violently effective for God’s kingdom.

We may not immediately see the results of our faith until after we have braved a storm or two. But it is his many promises to which we cling that will eventually get us through the uncertainty that creeps within us.

Faith, when practiced, turns into a two-way street of faithfulness. You are faithful to God’s call, and in turn, God is faithful to His promises to see you through and bless you as you bless him. Stay strong. Hang on tight. He will see you through.

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